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Thursday, February 4, 2010

'bout time

Guess it is about time I posted something on here! Seems like I never have enough time to keep up to date everywhere!! Well Sara and I have bought a house since my last post and are now adjusting to home ownership. I am finding fun to come home to oyur own place and know that you are paying yourself everymonth as opposed to paying a landlord!! We are getting ready for a busy race season and Sara is finishing up her Masters work and will graduate in May.. I think she is looking forward to a little more free time..
Just a quick note today.. I will try and be more vigilant in the future!!

Team Supreme

Another great sponsorship for us this season!!

Team Supreme

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Durango Racing

Sara and I spent this last weekend in Durango Co. racing a 50 mile mtb race and also volunteering for a mountain marathon on Sunday. We had great weather on Fri so we did a little ride on part of the race course. The next morning, race day, was overcast and looking like rain. The race started in decent weather but about an hour into the event in started to rain. The mud made the 50 miles feel more like 100. We both finished, I took 5th in my group and 18th overall, Sara finished 6th in the womens cat. She wished she could have done a little better and is focusing on training now that schools is done. On Sunday the weather was perfect for the mountain marathon, She and I,with Devi, road our bikes in 5 miles to the aid station we helped at. Fun day hanging out in the woods getting food and water to the racers. We had to dive back to Denver that night and got home late...Sara started her new job on Monday morning a little tired. A great weekend in a beautiful spot!

Monday, June 8, 2009

Another Moab weekend

It seems like my posts revolve around weekends in Moab..hmm, don't know why. Sara and I drove over to Moab on Thurs. to get out of the weird, rainy June weather on the Front Range. The weather on Fri. was a little iffy, even for Moab. A little rain, some wind.. We got in around midnight and stayed with Kirsten and her kids who had driven over to pick up Jenae's new waverunner I had brought with us. In the morning we took them rock climbing. It was nice to spend the morning with them and thought about getting in a ride that afternoon but the weather did'nt look promising. We opted instead for a hike up Negro Bill canyon to see Morning Glory arch. Great hike with poison ive as big as trees! Sat. was beautiful! We went out for a long ride and enjoyed the great weather. Sunday before leaving we went for another short 2 hr ride before driving home. All in all a great weekend! Looking foreward to racing in a couple of weeks in Durango then race season really gets underway!

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Moab weekend

I know most people here will see these photos on Facebook but I just wanted to add some comments. Sara and I, with the two other members or our, hopefuly, Primal Quest team spent this last weekend in Moab doing some longer training rides. Sara and I camped out by Klondike Bluffs in our new"1969" Tent trailer. We are going to have a blast camping in it this summer! While Sara and I enjoyed perfect weather while riding Klondike Bluffs on Fri., Saturdays weather was a little iffy in the afternoon. It looked like rain most of the day and we just managed to not get rained on. The White Rim is a 103 mile loop and has some of the most amazing scenery Moab has to offer! Sara thought it would be a great way to spend her birthday!She and I really enjoyed the long day and even though Sara is not riding as much as she would like right now, kicked butt! The two guys from our team did well and although a little tired they finished the ride. It was a great weekend and of course Sara and I are always looking forward to returning to our "holy Land"!

Monday, March 30, 2009

Moab Adventure Race

Well, we...Sara, Brent and I had a really fun time racing this weekend in Moab! Sara and I left Denver on Weds. morning, missing the 16 inches of snow that fell on Thurs, driving over in pretty decent weather. We camped out on Weds. night, then opted for a motel the rest of the week. A little more studying friendly than sitting around in the blowing sand. Brent and my Dad came over on Fri. and Dad. Sara and I got in a quick ride, after I drove back into town 15 miles to get my biking shoes I left in the motel room. Not a real good day for me as when we were pulling out of the parking area we had ridden, I did not check my bike to make sure it was tied down. First turn onto the main road my bike fell off the roof breaking the seatpost. Lucky that was all that broke!! Kinda a DUH!! moment for me. Thanks to Dad for letting use his post for the race. It was a really fun race and we all had a great time and finished well. Sara won the womens solo division, Brent finished under the 8 hrs he was shooting for and I finished 6th. Great day! I will post more photos once Brent gets them to me.

Monday, March 9, 2009

Another fun Pueblo weekend

Sara and I spent this Sunday paddling and riding down at Pueblo resevoir. A perfect day for training. After spending last weekend in Moab, we enjoyed having a great day closer to home. Attached photos are from this weekend and Moab. Looking forward to the race at the end of the month in Moab and with Sara doing her thesis in Moab, we should be down a bunch this summer.